Sewing Room Box

Hello everyone! 
How are you all doing? I hope you all are enjoy the last posts on my blog. I'm back with some new Inspiration for all of you. Sewing box room with lot of Prima Marketing products 

So lets get started. This is going to be a picture heavy post as we have a lot of pictures to share with you all so sit back and relax. 

Some more pic in different angle

I created this shadow box kind of a structure using mount board and pattern papers. Then begun creating the Background scene around it adding mini furniture, resin charms to the wall and hanging scissors, floor mat etc.

Mount board : This Neutral Mount Board is a must have for all kinds of scrapbooks and 3D shadow boxes.. You can create any size of shadow box with the help of the same. It is best to be used for the back of mixed media layouts. 

Its 2000 gsm strength makes it very special .

I really like using Mount board as it is so easy to work with. No power tools needed, it sticks together with Aleene's glue or glue gun and you can use stick pins in it to secure it while it dries and use masking tape. 

3 Drawer table 

Table no:1 The same board i used to make 3 drawer table. Use Aleene's glue for sticking, then prime the entire table with white gesso . After drying use colors. Here i choose teal mica powder.

Drawer knob: Liquid pearl drops, keep it for complete dry

Floor Mat : I used finnabair fabric pack

Organizing mini fabric stash with  chipboard

Making color pencil or marker using by toothpick 

Here's another super easy cute miniature that will add so much charm to your sewing room

I took cardstock and design like freehand drawing. Cut fringes into the oval about 2 cm and glue the tread end on cardstock strip

By putting the thread over the first fringe, under the secon, over the third etc. Repeat this step upto just before end of the paper. 

Then i paint the whole basket with white gesso. After drying cut the balance paper part.  

Table no.2

Cut the lolly pop stick, wrap with cream paper (cardstock) and glue on rectangle cut piece mount board

Arranging Dress form with Jewelry bag

Step 1  

 Step 2

Then cut the rest of fabric and glue it tightly 

Next is wall hanging frame

Framing sentiments with Wycinanka laser cut design 

 Next step: Collect more miniature stuff as much as you can

Start decorating 

For soft color background embellishing i use purple color pape. The BG design from Prima marketing metal die : crochet doily 

Hope you all liked my inspirations. Don't forget to check out Crafters corner website for the amazing new range of miniatures, charms and the best craft supplies at the best prices in India!
Have a great day!

Used Prima marketing products
All the details are i shared in my DT post for Crafters corner

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